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This week we actually began making our magazine double spread. I edited the chosen pictures and added borders where necessary. I then filled in the text of the article, as well as designing the title and font of each bit of text. I included a competition to gain demographic information and a column about celebrities tweets, linking to the online age of media
This week, we have been preparing to make our own Magazine double page spread. We looked at three other articles and analysed them to gain a perspective on the typical codes and conventions. 
This week we focussed on the creation of our CD covers. I took photos of my model, Jenni, and began editing the ones I decided to use. I played around on photoshop to find different techniques to maintain the best result. I used a real CD cover to replicate in terms of copyright information and bar codes positioning. I was happy with my final product.
Today, we started analysing CD covers, in preparation to make our own CD cover. It was important that we understood all the conventions, so we made a realistic version of our own. 
Video about editing!
We have come back from a 3 week Christmas holiday. 

We could not do any of the editing at home because none of us have the correct software. So, we started editing as much as we could, and finished by the end of the week of the 6th.

The final product is now done, and we left it on our computer to receive feedback from our class mates. Most the feedback was good, but there were a few suggestions we took on board. For example, we changed the effects on flashbacks of happier times so they were all in black in white, to ensure it was clear when Annie was looking back fondly and what was happening in the present. We also added a scene of Annie drinking vodka at the end, to ensure the audience continue to feel sorry for both characters, and as it fits in with conventions of society today.