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Today we considered the actors, props and costumes that we might possibly need in our production. 

Because we needed the actors to be available for filming at all times, and for accessibility in terms of during lesson time and learning the narrative, we decided Jamie and I would play the main actors.

I am going to be the main actress, who starts off in a happy relationship, but ends up cheating on her beloved boyfriend. For the majority of the film I will be wearing casual clothes, but my red coat and grey tights for all the beach scenes. The only prop I will need is a photo frame. 

Jamie is to play the boyfriend, seen to be the innocent victim in the whole scenario. He will also be wearing casual clothes of jeans and a hoody. He will not need any props, but will also come into contact with the photoframe. 

We then discussed other actors who could play the minor role, of the boy I cheat on Jamie with. We decided my friend Alistair would be the easiest option, as he volunteered to film whenever we needed him, and lives near me so could share lifts with me 
Today we brainstormed possible ideas for the narrative. We looked up the meaning of 'Yellow' and the lyrics in order to genereate strong story outlines and found that the following website was extremely useful;

After reading through the information and the comments, with our own inspirations we came up with three possible narratives:
- A happy couple until the husband finds out he has liver disease.
- Following a happy couple until one cheats on the other, and both lives are turned upside down
- A teenager being addicted to drugs, and following her drastic measures which ensure she gets drugs eg prostitution and stealing from family members.

We decided that the easiest one would be the happy couple with one person being unfaithful, as we could tie in typical factors and conventions from the other ideas. 
Following research on Laura Mulvey's theory, I then looked into Barthes Enigma code, and how this is used effectively in music videos. 

I found the idea of creating mystery within a music video was really interesting. I decided to look into this further, as it was something I was definitely interested in pursuing and ultimately including it in my music video. 

After researching a lot more about the subject, I've realised the impact it could have in music videos, in that the narrative doesn't have diajetic sound. This means the meanings that would be clear with speech, remain ambiguous to the audience when just the images are shown. 
For the last couple of days, continuing my research into various relevant theories,  I have been looking at Laura Mulvey's Male Gaze, and the objectification of women, particularly in terms of music videos. 

I began to understand the concept of how Mulvey suggests everyone views on-screen action from the view of a heterosexual male. I also had a look at the idea of features, in terms of use of the camera via voyeuristic shots, and how a women's identity can be taken off them by the camera, turning them into sexual objects. 

I researched what the whole idea was based on, and how power played a major role, in terms of Mulvey's interpretation of how women are portrayed in the media. 

Over the last couple of days, after completing research on Andrew Goodwins theory, I began looking at semiotics.

I looked at the definition; - the study of signs and symbols as elements ofcommunicative behavior; the analysis of systems ofcommunication, as languagegestures, or clothing.

and considered all the underlying meanings. 

I am glad I took a lot of time to research the impact of semiotics fully, and understand the effects it can have in the audience. I think I will definitely try and include it in my own music video. 
Today we started looking at Andrew Goodwins theory and relating it to music videos. 

I learnt about the five elements;
-Thought beats
-Narrative and Performance
-The star Image
-Relations to visuals
-Technical aspects of a music video

I found this very interesting to research, and gave stereotypical music videos categories, which gives me more choice in terms of the chosen style for my own music video.