First Post! - Annieconstablea2media
Mr Dine
6/13/2011 04:10:08

Your music video history section needs expanding and it would look nicer if your site had some original images on there.

Mrs Burgess
6/29/2011 22:20:05

Annie I'm thinking you have probably done more work than your portfolio is showing? if so please up load it. Although you have done your music history when most have not - well done. However as Dine says there is more that can be added. The guidance on the template site is "Include proliferation of satellite/cable TV, multinational ownership – eg media conglomerate owning record label, tv station, radio station, tv channels, advertising on these that carries promotion of films, games etc also owned by subsidiary companies of the multinational." Also recent technology and sites such as youtube could be argued to be revolutionary for the music industry with 'groups' going viral & so could be worth exploring. Another tip would be to write in word first and then copy and paste your work as there are a few spelling mistakes.


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