Planning production 2 - Annieconstablea2media
Today we considered the actors, props and costumes that we might possibly need in our production. 

Because we needed the actors to be available for filming at all times, and for accessibility in terms of during lesson time and learning the narrative, we decided Jamie and I would play the main actors.

I am going to be the main actress, who starts off in a happy relationship, but ends up cheating on her beloved boyfriend. For the majority of the film I will be wearing casual clothes, but my red coat and grey tights for all the beach scenes. The only prop I will need is a photo frame. 

Jamie is to play the boyfriend, seen to be the innocent victim in the whole scenario. He will also be wearing casual clothes of jeans and a hoody. He will not need any props, but will also come into contact with the photoframe. 

We then discussed other actors who could play the minor role, of the boy I cheat on Jamie with. We decided my friend Alistair would be the easiest option, as he volunteered to film whenever we needed him, and lives near me so could share lifts with me 

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