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Today we filmed the final part of our production. 

This was Annie walking to Jamies, and apologising once more, but finding a smashed framed picture of her and jamie on the floor. The production finishes with Jamie shutting the door on Annie.

This scene took a lot of preparation, as we had to buy 2 of the same photo frames, one to experiment with, and one to actually film. We knew we had to include a matching on action shot for this scene, so decided it would be easier to film one frame being thrown. We then smashed a frame by hand, and placed it where the original framing landed, making it easier to film and interpret where it would land
Today we filmed the getting ready scene. This involved annie putting on make up and straightening her hair, which we decided in the planning section would be a key opportunity to involve Laura Mulvey's male gaze in it. 

Because we were filming the scene with Alistair in bed, where Annie actually cheats on Jamie, in the same location, we decided to get Alistair down and film that as well.

All in all, it took under 3 hours. One problem we had to overcome was putting the camera in a position where you could see 
Today we started filming the bits down at the town's harbour. This was Jamie and Annie happy, illustrating the good relationship they had before Annie ruined everything. 

We filmed them walking down the notorious pier, as the town is a port, and made use of the area we live in by looking out of a telescope, something typically tourists always do when they visit the town. 

One problem we faced was tourists walking in front of the camera for a joke, as we were filming some of the scenes. We had to film the majority of them twice, as the tourists found it very funny to walk and wave at the camera. One additional problem was the close up of Annie and Jamie's hand clasping together. We swapped who's hand went on top, which meant that when we edited it, there would be a continuity error. Luckily we identified the problem at t
Today we started the filming. We had three hours to do as much as we could, and decided to get the filming on Woolacombe beach out the way, as we would have to drive there, taking up a lot of our time. 

We managed to get all the filming that takes place on the beach finished, despite the various problems we faced such as forgetting the tripod, and having to drive twenty minutes back to the college to pick one up. 

One problem we did face was the weather, which although we didn't plan out the scene to be raining, it ended up actually working quite well. Luckily we had an umbrella, which protected the camera from getting wet. 
For the last two weeks  we have began doing the storyboards, and actually planning out each scene.

This took a lot of time, but eventually we had all the storyboards sorted, and in the correct order. We had figured out quite a specific narrative outline and understand that we may venture off schedule when filming, if newer and better ideas come. 

I found this part of the project very difficult considering the lack of ability I have in art, and deciding how to merge the performance and narrative elements was very hard.